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And we added close to 1 million active customers in rest of Europe during Q4 alone. That resulted in a relative increase of 30% and an absolute increase of EUR 52 million of our adjusted EBIT, despite continued growth and platform investments. I will elaborate more on the different drivers on the next slide.

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Since Rubin already mentioned that we are progressing very well on all customer dimensions, I will keep it short at this point. We acquired a record-breaking number of around 840,000 new customers. Actually, it peaked at more than 50% on the day after Black Friday. Cyber week 2019 was another huge success for Zalando, especially in the light of an outstanding partner program performance.

You can also choose an existing role, but make sure it has the LOGINprivilege. connection_pooler_schemaDatabase schema to create for credentials lookup function to be used by the connection pooler. postgres_superuser_teamsList of teams which members need the superuser role in each PG database cluster to administer Postgres and maintain infrastructure built around it. Options to automate creation of human users with the aid of the teams API service. In the CRD-based configuration those are grouped under the teams_apikey.

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If nobody is using it, there is no point in storing large amounts of data. For that reason, the first and most important challenge for us to solve was data sharing. At Zalando, many teams have their own AWS accounts that immediately put up requirements for cross account data sharing. Bucket policies allow you to attach a definition directly to your bucket that specifies principals that are entitled some actions that they are allowed to perform. An example of such an action is GetObject on a particular resource, like a specific prefix in your bucket.

  • Everything expressed in the Introduction to these Guidelines is applicable to event data interchange between services.
  • In this area, we measure our success by the health of our cohorts by the share of wallet and by the resulting customer lifetime value.
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