They host various grass skippers and several moths including the Virginia ctenucha moth. Many of

us only see moths when they come flying around the porch light at night. But did you know that they are out flying because they see the colors of flowers differently at night?

Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love visiting the purple spikes of this perennial. It’s sturdy, too, and tolerates drought, poor soils, and frigid winters. Catmint blooms for several weeks, but you can cut it back to encourage another round of flowers. Calendula is a cheery orange or yellow annual that’s easy to grow from seed. Not only will they attract buzzing bees to your garden, but you can also use the dried flowers to make tea! These flowers attract pollinators like moths and butterflies.

Argument 2: College Athletes Dont Have Time To Work Other Jobs

With Protech it seems again like I am able to have a spokes person in the company and reasonable customer service. It’s unfortunate that good customer service is now a service you paid for but I am happy to pay the Protech fees to get the service. Got to where you enter a verification code and system would not provide the code. Deleted and downloaded app twice again and still couldn’t get a code.

40 hours a week practicing and playing their sport. This is on top of their school work and other responsibilities and puts intense pressure on students. Many athletes will not stay on the team or keep their scholarship if they do not put in these hours, yet they receive no financial rewards for all their hard work. In 2016, there was a record $1.24 billion estimated TV ad spend during the tournament. Making March Madness one of the most valuable franchises in televised sports.

Work Life

Some varieties of cleome have thorns, so beware and handle with care (also, avoid planting in high-traffic areas). Also, if you choose to use a hummingbird feeder, be sure to keep in mind that they must be washed regularly to prevent mold growth. Hummingbirds are extremely sensitive to mold, and the red dye that is often added to sugar water mixtures is highly toxic to the birds. Consider adding in other trees, shrubs, and vinery that grow at various heights to provide a safe habitat for the birds.

  • There would be nobody to save car crash victims or even to cure the common cold.
  • Women in male-dominated sports such as racecar driver Danica Patrick and UFC and WWE star Ronda Rousey ranked among the top earners in their sports when they were active.
  • Check out this yummy banana and almond dog treat recipe here.
  • Since it was recently National Pollinator Week, here are some ways to make your garden an inviting environment for all pollinators.